Water Testing & Chemical Analysis

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency if you have your own well, you are responsible for making sure that your water is safe to drink. Private wells should be tested annually for nitrate and coliform bacteria to detect contamination problems early.

Water testing is important to the health of you and that of your family. While you can use water test kits to test your water, no home-testing kit can be as reliable as having your drinking water tested by a professional water-testing laboratory that uses water testing methods approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Below are some of the most common water conditions we face in New York State:

Symptom– Spotting on dishes and glassware; scale on inside of water heater, plumbing pipes and other water using appliances; soap curd and ring around the bathtub; clothes looking gray and unclean.
Cause– Calcium and Magnesium in water, measuring 3.5 grains per gallon or more.
Corrective Equipment– water softener (only if on municipal water supply)

Symptom– Yellow, brown, or rusty stains on plumbing fixtures, water-using appliances and fabrics. Metallic taste in foods and beverages. Water is clear when drawn from the faucet.
Cause– Iron in the water supply measuring 0.3 parts per million or higher. Clear water iron is clear when drawn form the faucet, but oxidizes when exposed to air and develops a yellow to rust color.
Corrective Equipment– Sanitizer Water Conditioner

Symptom– Same symptom as clear water iron, but water has a red tint when drawn from the faucet.
Cause– Iron in water supply measuring 0.3 parts per million or higher. The iron in red water iron has already oxidized in the well or in the pump system and has a yellow to rust color when drawn from the faucet.
Corrective Equipment– Determine why you have red iron, maybe easy plumbing fix and a Sanitizer. If it’s a pluming problem once you fix the plumbing your going to have a clear iron problem! If its not a plumbing issue than we need to use an Automatic Back flushing Filter.

Symptom– Same symptoms as clear and red iron water, but can have clumps or balls that may foul plumbing lines and other water-using appliances. Musty metallic taste. (Particularly noticeable as a yellow to reddish slime in toilet flush tanks.)
Cause– Iron Bacteria are a group of bacteria which thrive in iron-bearing water utilizing iron as an energy source. This bacteria is not a health hazard.
Corrective Equipment– Sanitizer water conditoner

Symptom-Blackish stain on fixtures and laundry. Manganese content above 0.5 ppm causes stains.
Cause-Interaction of carbon dioxide or organic matter with manganese bearing soils. Usually found in combination with iron.
Corrective Equipment-Sanitizer water conditioner.

Symptom-Blue/ green or rusty stains and corrosion of plumbing fixtures and other water-using appliances; pitting of porcelain and enamel fixtures and dishes. Pin holes in copper plumbing lines.
Cause-Generally associated with the pH value of water less than the neutral point of 7.0. Water with pH value of 6.8-6.9 is slightly acidic, 6.0-6.7 is moderately acidic, and 4.0-5.9 is considered extremely acidic.
Corrective Equipment-6.5-6.9 Sanitizer, 4.0-6.5 Acid Neutralizer (all depends on the hardness and TDS of the water).

Symptom-Rotten egg taste and odor. Turns copper plumbing lines black. Very corrosive.
Cause-Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable, poisonous gas that is produced in water supplies as a result of the decomposition of underground organic deposits. Its presence is easily detected by a characteristic rotten egg odor and obnoxious taste. Hydrogen sulfide is also very corrosive (both in water and in the air). It rapidly tarnishes silver causing it to turn black. A high sulfide content is toxic to aquarium fish.
Corrective Equipment– Sanitizer with Minplus mineral; Sanitizer and sulfur removal unit.

Symptom-Black slime in back of toilet flush tank.
Cause– Sulfur Bacteria are a group of bacteria which thrive in sulfide-bearing water utilizing sulfide as an energy source. This bacteria is not a health hazard.
Corrective Equipment-Sanitizer water conditioner.

Symptom-Gray cloudy appearance to water, does not settle out.
Cause– Suspended clay particles.
Corrective Equipment– Self Backwashing .65 micron sediment filter.