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Which system is best for your water needs? Barber & DeLine offers only the best pumps, water systems and service available featuring Goulds Pumps® and Grundfos Pumps®. We employ experienced fulltime pump crews whose sole job is the installation, service and testing of pumps and water systems. We custom design all of our systems to specifically suit the needs of the customer, the particular application and to provide long term reliability. All of our systems come with a Standard 5 Year Warranty on the pump and pressure tank. We are the only company that offers 3 different types of systems from each of our 2 different manufacturers for our customers. Let us educate you on your options:

Basic Pump System:

2 wire Our Basic System is a quality system that features a submersible pump with a 2 wire submersible motor. This system contains the Motor Relay and Capacitor permanently sealed within the submersible motor at the bottom of your well. The Relay or Capacitor are the weakest components in the system, if either fail the pump must be pulled from the well and a band new motor installed at a significant cost to the customer. Our Basic System is the most widely used by other companies as it requires less technical knowledge by the Installer, is easier to install and makes them initially cheaper when compared with others.

Installation of water pump systemsDeluxe Pump System:

3 wire Our Deluxe System is a top quality system and our most popular. This system features a submersible pump with a 3 wire submersible motor. This system contains the Motor Relay and Capacitor in a special control box located in the basement. Unlike the 2 wire system, if either fails, it is a simple repair at a significantly lower cost to the customer than pulling the pump and replacing the submersible motor. Our Deluxe System requires advanced technical knowledge by the Installer, additional materials and labor which makes the initial cost slightly higher when compared with a Basic System but less expensive in the long run.

Premium Pump System:

Constant Pressure Our premium system is the most technologically advanced system available today. This system is computer operated and provides constant city-like pressure from your well. This system features a submersible pump with a 3 phase motor that is converted to single phase in the basement. This system is not for every well, contact us for further details.

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