Energy Services

Energy ServicesWe offer turn key services to energy exploration and production industry. We have some of the most knowledgeable staff when it comes to supplying your energy services needs. Our experienced staff can handle any project.





energy services 2Services include:
– Drilling:
Conductor Casing Sets up to 20 inch diameter – with cement
Surface Casing Sets up to 1500 feet; 17 1/2 hole / 13 3/8 J55 casing
Intermediate Casing Strings as necessary
Drilling capacities to 4000 + feet; air or fluid
BOP and H2S Certified
NYS DEC Registered


– Location Building:
Complete Location Clearing, Construction and Reclamation
Road Construction
Pit Construction and Lining
Erosion Control
Cellar Rings / Cementing
Bulldozers, Winch Dozers, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Etc.


– Water Hauling:
Tri-Axle Vacuum Tanker Trucks (100 bbl / 110bbl)
Semi Vacuum and Regular Tankers (120 bbl)
Brine Source Supplier / Brine Spreading
NYS DEC Licensed Waste Hauler
Disposal Facilities for Waste / Pit Water and Brine




– Trucking:
Winch Trucks with Float Trailers
Lowboy / Equipment Hauling
Pipe Hauling
Frac Tank Hauling
Hot Shot Service





– Frac Tanks
Frac Tank Rental
Frac Tank Hauling
Cleaning and Repair

– Abandonment
Borehole Cementing
Casing Extraction / Perforation / Cutting
Cover Plate Welding